test idk xd

2017-11-20 08:03:34 by Gyuzso


school is hell


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2017-11-20 11:11:18

I agree with your statement, and I guess everyone does actually.
Nice test btw, that's one heavy hand huh...
Szóval magyaros vagy... érdekes...

Gyuzso responds:

yeah yeah,thanks for the respond,also,please don't use Google Translator,it usually says the wrong thing.


2017-11-21 13:45:42

Yeah I used it, my grandfather is also from Hungary, but he never taught hungarian to anyone in my family, neither to me :/

Gyuzso responds:

you are lucky because Hungarian is one hell of a language


2017-11-22 12:55:56

Well, the european portuguese isn't a hard language to learn, even portuguese-BR, but the brazilians make it 100 times more difficult using slang.
The hungarian speech and accent is a little hard for us (brazilians), but the real deal is try to read what is written xD